7 Reasons To Use a Drone As a Family

Why include a Drone on your next Family outing

It wasn’t long ago that I caught the drone fever and I have never looked back on its many benefits both at home and in the fields.

I’ve played with a few cheap quadcopters and I have been privileged on my part and those of my friends – to shoot incredible sunset images over the lake, and amazing cinematic shots through the metropolitan streets, among others.

I have had great moments with my family and friends since we started making creative use of a pocket selfie drone.

Below are few vital obvious reasons you should consider a selfie drone as your next creative gadget that can help you save the day, enjoy vacations, and explore almost impossible angles.

1. Pocket Selfie Drones Are Very Easy to Fly

It used to be quite complex to fly a drone in the past BUT thankfully, current drone models have been designed to make drone flying so easy that a 3rd-grader can quickly catch up with it.

A perfect drone easily locks on to a cluster of satellites which help it stay stable in the air and easy to find its way home.

Controlling its takeoff and landing can be done with the tap of a button on your smartphone (also easy to set up).

With only a few minutes of studying and learning the gadget’s controls, you will be flying through the air & navigating obstacles in no time. It’s a thrilling adventure!

And for the record, current drone designs are made of better quality materials that don’t easily break after the first crash, like some of the past models that were available before now.

2. For Kids, Drones Can Help Them Link Technology with Reality

A lot of us parents are guilty about limiting screen moments & “getting our kids outdoors.”

While it may sound like an overstatement, playful devices such as pocket drones can help children connect the dots amid the world they enjoy discovering, and essential tools that help them experience it in radically new perspectives.

My little 7-year old daughter and other kids love watching the drone fly around, and are continually suggesting new locations to fly over and get things photographed or filmed. It’s really great pleasure seeing those tiny gears turning in these kids’ creative minds.

They also make great gifts, Check out our list of the Best Drones for Kids that offer low cost flying fun.

3. Emergency time – Let the Drones Serve…

A drone can quickly cover a lot of ground filming difficult areas where humans have a hard time stepping into.

It can help you check out the conditions of the roads after a snowstorm, help you locate a lost dog, and so many other creative uses that could help to keep you and your loved ones safe.

4. Let a Drone Help with Your Home Projects and Care

A drone can be deployed to help check out a tall roof after a rough storm. The drone will serve better purpose than climbing up a shaky ladder when next you need to check the shingles.

Let a drone help you plan your landscaping project, and much more. Just think out of the box and get better results in all you do!

5. Enjoy Time for Family Photos & Videos

When next you and your loved ones want to go fishing or visit the beach or some other location, forget the old phone selfie stick and let a drone help shoot some of the best HD video and memorable photos over the ocean, on the cliff sides, or just anywhere else you can fantasize.

Everyone desires ruling the social media particularly Instagram or Facebook with striking family photos or videos.

6. Satisfy Your Curiosity

If you love to see what’s over that roof, hill or tank, etc. – a drone will help satisfy your curiosity. You can have so much fun with a drone (of course, when you don’t cross restricted boundaries).

7. Make Some Extra Bucks with a Drone

With a drone and a Remote Pilot Certificate, you can build up a photography business and this can help you pay off debt and save for the future.

A drone can help you as a real estate player or as an event manager, and just any field that this device can pay for itself.

Become a youtuber, a video creator and shoot amazing videos with a drone. You can shoot a family photo or video from impossible angle.

A drone can help you pull so many things together, shoot amazing pet or fitness videos, you name it. Many youtubers are making loads of cash with creative videos on this basis.

In conclusion – a drone is sure to provide loads of creative fun for you and your loved ones.

If you are thinking of getting an affordable high quality pocket selfie drone now. You can check out this list of the Best Selfie Drones.

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