Top 5 Best Drones for Beginners

DRONES FOR BEGINNERSTop 5 list of the Best Drones For Beginners

The Air Drone Craze continues to see advances with affordable drones for beginners that provide new features that make flying drones more fun and easier than ever.

Most new models now include Headless mode, Altitude hold mode and HD Cameras. Some new models also offer FPV (First Person View) capability.

These inexpensive RC quadcopters are some of the best selling drones for beginners on and for good reason, They offer a low price, easy to get parts, popular features and durability. If you are beginner looking for a drone with a few of the latest features, then this list is for you.

In this post we are going to show the Top 5 most popular drones for beginners, starting with listing the original version followed by the New models now available.


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Cheerson CX-10WD Mini Wifi Quadcopter With Camera
Hubsan X4 Cam H107C+ Plus RC Drone with HD Camera
Blade Nano QX 3D BNF Quadcopter Drone
UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone
SYMA X5HW Wifi FPV Drone HD Camera RC Quadcopter

First up is…

Cheerson CX-10C
The Cheerson CX-10C is one of the smallest nano drones with a camera on the market. So small it can fit in the palm of your hand.
These small remote controlled toy drones became popular with beginners very quickly because they are extremely affordable and can be flown anywhere.


CX-10WD Mini Wifi Quadcopter With Camera

The latest model is the Cheerson CX-10WD Wifi FPV Mini RC Quadcopter. Not much difference in appearance other than the larger shell and has the same 0.3 Megapixel camera.

Comes with a Controller that doubles as a storage case and 6-axis gyro system for easy, stable operation. Super small size that can be throw to fly.

Offers 3 flying modes that can be changed using the transmitter. High/Low speed modes and a third mode, 360 high speed rotation mode in which the aircraft’s lights will dazzle you in the dark.

Another great entry-level Nano quadcopter from Cheerson. Recommended for Indoor Use Only.
Cheerson CX-10WD


Updated Features Include:

  • Has latest mobile phone WIFI remote control mode, support IOS/Android
  • High Hold Mode- (altitude hold function).
  • Has one-touch take off, one-touch landing options as well as one key to return function.
  • Transmitter & Mobile Phone offer Dual Operating Mode.
  • Equipped with a battery protection module to protect and prevent overcharging the battery.
  • Controller doubles as it’s own storage case.






CX-10WD quadcopter
3.7V 150MAH Li Battery)
4 x Spare Blades
USB Charging cable


Charging time: 30 minutes
Flying time: 4 min
R/C Distance: 20-40
WIFI FPV Distance: About 15-30m
Camera: 0.3MP (Resolution 640X480)
Product weight: 17g
Battery: 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery (built in)
REQUIRES:  4 x AA Batteries for transmitter (Not included)


Here we have…

Hubsan X4 H107C MINI DRONE
The Hubsan H107C is one of the best known quadcopters for beginners on the market.
It is about the size of your hand and has the durability needed for those just learning how to fly. It’s insanely fast and a blast to fly.
Has a HD 2MP Camera and big enough to be flown indoors and out. A great choice for beginners looking for a small quadcopter with a camera.


Hubsan X4 H107C+ Plus RC Drone with HD Camera

The new Hubsan X4 H107C Plus offers the same quality and performance you would expect from Hubsan. The most noticeable change is in the new design, along with a proprietary battery that doesn’t need to be removed from the quadcopter to charge.

Built to be easier to fly, more stable, and now offers a HD camera (resolution:1280×720). Great for any beginner that wants to try aerial photography and video recording.

Take your hobby to new heights (literally), explore new areas and enjoy stable flight with the new altitude hold and Intelligent Orientation Control ( Headless Mode ).

Hubsan X4 H107C Plus


Updated Features Include:

  • Upgraded version has a new Design and unique led lights that dazzle in the dark
  • Headless Mode: Allows pilot to fly in any direction regardless of which end is in front or back.
  • Altitude Hold: The latest hover technology which allows for a more stable flight. 
  • HD Camera: 720p HD Camera with micro SD recording capability and Video.
  • 360° Eversion: One key 360°roll for great action and wonderful performance.




Hubsan x4 camera plus h107c+ rc quadcopter
3.7V 520mAh Li-Po battery
Micro USB charging cable
4 x Spare blades
U wrench
Manual book


Charging time: 40 minutes
Flying time: 7 min
R/C Distance: 50-150 meters
Camera: 0.3MP (Resolution 640X480)
Product weight: 2 oz
Battery: 3.7V 520mAh li-po battery

REQUIRES:  4 x AA Batteries for transmitter (Not included)
NOTE: External Charger now available CLICK HERE For More Details.


Other new models available include the Hubsan X4 FPV and the Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter

A very popular model…

Blade nano QX RTF with SAFE
The tiny Blade Nano QX is best known for it’s SAFE technology. A system with a sophisticated flight control software to keep itself stable in a hover while in stability mode.
As you get better, you can switch the SAFE system to agility mode for faster flying speeds and more maneuverability.


Blade Nano QX 3D Ultra Aerobatic Quadcopter Drone

The Blade Nano QX 3D quadcopter is an easy to fly quadcopter with a clever design and reverse motor technology that allows the Nano QX 3D to be strong and maneuverable.

With blade guards and SAFE flight modes that help make high-speed flips, hair-pin turns and inverted flight simple to perform at the press of a button, aerobatics made easy.

A drone for users who just want to have fun. The perfect indoor quadcopter for any beginner.

Updated Features Include:

  • Fully-assembled, new inverted design
  • SAFE® technology makes it easy to enjoy RC flight and aerobatics
  • Flip 180–360° in any direction at the press of a button. Fly inverted without having to learn complex control input
  • Colorful LEDs and high-contrast body help maintain orientation

The 3D Agility Mode, a true 3D flying experience.

Nano QX 3D rc quadcopter
E-flite 200mAh 3.7V 30C LiPo battery
USB Li-Po Charger
4 x Spare blades
Manual book
Needed To Complete: requires a multi-function, 4+ channel full-range transmitter with Spektrum DSM2;/DSMX; 2.4GHz technology.

Charging time: 30 minutes
Flying time: 5 min
Camera: none
Product weight: 1 oz
Battery: 200mAh 3.7V 30C LiPo battery


And this favorite…


The UDI U818A RC Quadcopter with a camera has been a long time favorite among many new drone pilots.

It’s larger body and built in prop protectors help to prevent damage.

It can be flown outdoors with better control and durable enough to handle some rough crashes.



UDI U818A DISCOVERY WiFi FPV RC Drone with HD Camera

The latest UDI U818A WiFi FPV drone will allow you to fully immerse yourself in flight.
Sync any compatible VR headset with your controller and the latest app update to really bring life to your flight! All while capturing aerial footage and photography.

This new drone offers beginners the opportunity to try FPV on the cheap, Easy to set up, simply pair your drone and mobile device to catch live video and photo feed through the 2MP forward-facing camera.

Gravity Induction mode allows you to fly the drone without even touching your mobile device.

Updated Features Include:

  • FIRST PERSON VIEW with VR HEADSET COMPATIBILITY: Enjoy live video feed of your flight from your iPhone or Android Smart mobile device.
  • 2MP FORWARD-FACING HD CAMERA: Captures pristine HD aerial footage and photos – 720p HD / 30 fps.
  • EASY, SAFE, FUN TO FLY:  360° Flip Function make flying easy, safe and fun for pilots of all levels
  • ONE KEY RETURN HOME FUNCTION: Avoid lost aircraft and bring drone back with the simple push of a button
  • HEADLESS MODE: Intelligent orientation eliminates the need for re-positioning; Great for beginners!

udi U818A included
U818A WiFi FPV Quadcopter
2 x 350mAh LiPo Batteries
2.4Ghz Controller
4 x Spare Blades
USB Charging cable
4GB Micro-SD Card
1  User Manual
REQUIRES:  4 x AA Batteries for transmitter (Not included)


Charging time: 90 minutes
Flying time: 8 min
R/C Distance: 30m
Camera: upgraded to 1280*720 at 30 FPS.
Product weight: 346g


And last but not least…

The Famous Syma X5C  can perform flips, take video and snap photos with the push of a button.

Equipped with an HD camera and 2GB memory card, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Continues to be among the top selling drones on Amazon.



SYMA X5HW Wifi FPV RC Drone with HD Camera

The Syma X5HW model is the latest update in the X5 series. The first thing you notice is the short skids have been replaced with longer landing legs. It has a new color scheme that is available in white with lime green accents or pastel blue with black accents.

It offers the latest features like altitude hold and headless mode which have quickly become standard features in remote controlled toy drones. To view the FPV video downlink simply install the Syma FPV app on your smartphone. Your smartphone is also used to record the videos and photos taken by the camera.

With easy to find repair parts and replacement accessories now available in several colors online, the Syma X5HW is a good choice for beginners that want a cheap FPV quadcopter with great features.

SYMA X5HW Wifi FPV RC Drone with HD Camera


Updated Features Include:

  • WIFI FPV REAL TIME TRANSMISSION: The live video will be shown on your phone, you can see what the camera see at the same time. The pictures and video are stored in your phone.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD MODE: Thanks to the Built-in AIR PRESSURE SENSOR: when you push the throttle stick and then release, the rc drone will automatically set the height.
  • 2.0MP HD FPV CAMERA: Allows recording higher quality video or taking clearer images.
  • 3D FLIPS: This drone can perform the 360 degree flips roll with one key, it is very easy to use even for the beginner.



SYMA X5HW quadcopter
3.7V 600mAh Original Lipo battery
2.0MP HD FPV Camera
4 x Propeller Protector
2 x Spare Blades
4 x Landing Gear
4G SD Card
English Manual


Charging time: 130 minutes
Flying time: 5-7 min
WIFI FPV Distance: About 50-100m
Product weight: 17
REQUIRES:  4 x AA Batteries  for transmitter (Not included)


So there you have it, An updated list of the most popular beginner drones. As you can see, the list of features continues to grow as new models are being introduced on to the rc drone market.

New drones will continue to see more changes, standard options that are now only available on professional models (like follow me) will at some point be standard on the less expensive hobby class drones in the near future.

Now if they can only improve flight times…

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