Professional Drones

Professional Drones with longer flight times and advanced features

Considered high-end and equipped with the latest technology, Professional Drones offer longer flight times and advanced features.

A purchase that can give you the ability to capture high quality aerial video and still photos, making it a great addition to your filming arsenal.

Professional Photographers will have a valuable tool that can provide them with new work opportunities.  Hobbyists can add the rewarding skill of drone-based aerial photography to their skill-set.

Even amateurs with a little practice can be capable of taking some of the best vacation/home video footage and still pictures imaginable, aerial shots that will have your family and friends amazed. (Just don’t use it in the National parks)

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to take breath-takings shots like these…

All of these Professional drones are GPS stabilized, which means control is easy and doesn’t require any special skill.

Most have special APPs you can customize and program, features like Follow Me mode (drone will trail after the user) and Way-point Navigation for setting multi-point routes.

Most importantly, They provide longer battery life, larger range and safety features.

Common Autopilot Features Include:

  • Auto-takeoff: With one tap the Quadcopter will switch on it’s motors and rise to a pre-set height. It will then hover at that point until you direct it where to go.
  • Auto-return Home: When GPS is available, your Quadcopter remembers the exact spot which it took off from. Wherever your aircraft is flying, tap a button to have it return right back home.
  • Way points: Set specific points and assign automatic actions for your Drone to follow.
  • Points of Interest: Select a location or object to focus on, and the Drone will continuously face it, no matter how you fly.
  • Fail safe: If the drone battery is running very low, or if the Quadcopter loses it’s connection with the remote controller, the drone will automatically return to the takeoff point and land safely.
  • Follow Me: Program your Drone to act as your own personal, flying film crew.

All of these Drones are generally considered “prosumer” drones. Most can be utilized and adapted for commercial purposes.

If you’re thinking about starting a drone based business or currently use your drone for commercial purposes, Check out our page on How To Profit from the Air Drone Craze for some helpful ideas and other useful information about flying drones under FFA Guidelines.

Top Rated Professional Drones with Cameras

This Professional drone list will be updated as new drone models are offered on the market for sale.

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